Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are a team of professional and certified Trekking and Climbing Guides and Tour Leaders. We have gained many years of experience in adventure tourism working on the rugged trails of the Himalaya. We have spent most of the years in the mountains because we were born and raised there. We can explain to our clients all about the areas where we organize the treks and tours.

Our trek and tour leader’s readiness to adhere to best practice in the trekking sector has earned a good reputation amongst our clients and we have gained respect and trust as a reliable and safe trekking agency. All our staff and management have many years of experience in the trekking and climbing sector. The management, staff and trekking guides are trusted by travelers who sometimes come back to our company year after year. With our many years of experience in the trekking and climbing sector, we are able to offer the best support and help while exploring our beautiful Nepal.

All our Trek and Tour Guides are trained by the Nepal Academy of Tourism of Nepal government. All of our team members are Registered and Licensed as per the Nepal Government tourism policy. Our whole team has gone through First Aid, Eco-Tourism training and is quite knowledgeable in Nepali Culture, History and Art. We are committed to making our clients familiarize our Himalayan country- Nepal to our travelers.

Our first priority is safety, health, and comfort of our clients. We want to make sure that our clients will have only hygienic food during the time traveling with our guides, be it in the urban areas, or in the more remote areas of Nepal. After the trip is over we take the feedback and suggestions from all our clients very seriously. At the end of each trip, we request all our travelers to complete an evaluation form to help us continue to improve the quality of our services. We do not compromise on our quality services related to our clients. We will do our best to make our clients’ trip safe, comfortable and enjoyable in Nepal. More than anything else, we love to introduce Nepal to our visitors and leave them to enjoy our country as much as we do. We take our clients on trails which are less trodden by other fellow trekkers, exposing the natural beauty of Nepal in all its elements.


Bashu Dev Bagale

Executive Director


Bashu Dev Bagale born in remote area of Gorkha district. He finishes his school level study from a local school of his own village. After finishing high school, he came to Kathmandu to join a college. After his graduation he went to Korea for business purpose and stay there almost 4 year and 8 years ago he started his first tourism business. He has alot of investment in tourism sector like touristic cultural restaurants, Hotel and trekking companies. He is very nice person with down to earth and great leader in a company.



Himal Dawadi

Managing Director



Mr. Himal Dawadi is originally from the Gorkha district near to Mt. Manasalu Himal. He has done his master’s degree and some more non-academic degree as well. Mr. Dawadi has more than 15 years of work experience in different restricted area trekking, high pass trekking, Base camp Trekking, circuit trekking and many other trekking. As he started his career from the basic level worker of the trekking, he knows about all the difficulties, situation and more about the Trekking. So was started as a dream company of the Mr. Dawadi. He has given his all effort to make company best to give the best services to the guest and make the worker happy & keep them motivated. He is not only the best guide also the best leader for a company who have all qualities & experience which are needed.

Sunita Poudel

-Travel consultant/Tour operator/ Cultural Tour Guide/ Trekking Guide


Meet our Tour Operator cum Cultural Tour Guide cum Trekking guide Sunita Poudel who is also a great travel advisor. She can help you to make your own itinerary as per your timeframe with core interested area. She has working as a tour operator since 2015, as a tour guide since 2017, as a trekking guide since 2019. She is a very talented, versatile and knowledgeable person and she can speak English, Hindi and Nepali Fluently.


Sushovan Aryal

-Spanish/English Tour Leader

Mr. Sushovan is a multi-talented person of our team. He has been working as a trekking guide since 8 years & as a tour guide 6 years. He has done his Spanish language course from Bishwo Bhasha Campus and then from the work he improves himself. He can do English/Spanish both tour and trekking as per the guest request. As beside the work as a guide he is also a great photographer. We feel really proud to have him on our team.


Samjhana Baram




Rajendra Thapa Magar

-Trekking Guide