In Nepal we have a Kumari the living Goddess . Nepal is the only country where the living human (girl) is worshiped as a deity. This practice dates back to ancient times. The practice of worshiping Kumari is believed to have started from the time of the last Malla dynasty king Jay Prakash Malla of Nepal.

In order to become a Kumari, a girl must belong to the Newari Buddhist community and also follow the Hindu religion .Kumari the living goddess of Nepal is chosen from the youngest children of the community, which also includes 32 perfection. From the day of selection until the first menstrual period, the girl is worshiped as a Kumari god. And the Kumari is automatically relieved after menstruation and the other girl is made a Kumari again. And this cycle continues.

Being a Kumari is not a small happiness for a girl and her family. All Nepali Hindus and Buddhists consider her as God and bow down to her. Even the great people of Nepal like the Prime Minister, the President, The Chief Minister also come to Kumari’s house to seek blessings.

The Kumari stays only at kumari home completely. A separate person is assigned to take care of her. Her education also takes place from Kumari’s house where the teachers themselves come to teach. In a normal days we cant click any picture of a Kumari. During the Indra Jatra, when Kumari is taken around the city in a chariot, can click her photos and videos+. Being a Kumari goddess, her feet are not allowed to fall on the ground.

When we walk around Hanuman Dhoka Darwar Square, Kumari Ghar is in the same premises.

In other cities of Nepal, there is a practice of choosing a Kumari, but a Kumari in Kathmandu is considered a royal Kumari and people from home and abroad are looking for a vision and blessings of a Kumari once on their life.

Current Royal Kumari’s name is Trishna Shakya. She became Kumari in 2017

Story behind Kumari Selection

It was the story from the 17th century.  Every night a young girl would come to the palace to play dice with the Mallakalin king. At the same time, the king was attracted to the young girl and when she went out & she disappeared from the palace and never returned. And one night in the king’s dream, Taleju Bhavani Devi came and said angrily that she would never forgive the king again. If you want forgiveness from me, worship a little girl as a Kumari and only I will forgive you. The custom of worshiping Kumari started by the same king after that is still going on.